1- “Coca-Cola: Man and Dog” Commercial- Psyop
-1 week on shots shown
-We did a full layout pass of this project in 3d before passing it to the 2d animators, who then worked from our timing and cameras.  I was responsible for laying out all of the shots shown.

2- "Sisters" Short Film- Psyop
-1 week on sequence shown
-I’m responsible for all camera work and staging for a large part of the film, including all shots in this sequence.  All of my layout for this project came from my own ideas working with the director.  There were no existing storyboards or animatics.  I’m also responsible for a number of models, including the organ.  

3- “The Numberlys” TV Pilot- Moonbot Studios
-2 weeks on sequence shown
-This was a pilot for Amazon, directed at a preschool level audience.  As such we worked under very strict constraints for layout, advised by a professional provided by Amazon to help determine whether a preschool level audience would be able to follow the story.  Actions were kept simple and linear wherever possible, avoiding fast cuts and anything that implied passage of time without directly showing it.  Wherever possible shots were lengthened or combined to show continuous action (such as the shot of the plant falling from the conveyor).  

4- "Butlins" Commercial- Psyop
-Blocking- 2 hours
-A test of the eventual final transition, blocked very quickly and with almost no existing assets.

5- "Origin Solar" Commercial- Psyop
-Layout- 2 hours, Final Polish-1 day

6- "Sentry" Commercial- Psyop
-Blocking from Live Action Plate- 2 hours, Final Animation- 2 days
-Responsible for the staging, final animation of the jets, and some modeling.

7- "Sargento" Pitch Previs- Psyop
-Previsualization of a pitch concept- 2 days total
-Responsible for everything, including modeling, rigging, blocking and final previs.

8- "Road’s End” Short Film- Self
-Layout of shot shown- 1 or 2 hours, Layout of entire film- 2 weeks
-This is a clip from my thesis film in college, of which I was responsible for every aspect of the production.  The layout for the entire film was done in roughly two weeks, rarely spending more than a few hours per shot due to time constraints.  Although it’s old work, it was the start of my interest in layout and how a camera can affect the telling of a story. The full film can be found here.


In addition to the above reel, I was also the layout lead for the following short film by Moonbot Studios, which is not embeddable here.  

Thank you!