Max Patch to Rich Mountain

We're alive!  Really I feel like the pup and I have done enough trails that that shouldn't surprise me... but it still does.   


So this is day... 5? They're already blending together.  I think it's day 5.  We started in a gorgeous spot called Max Patch which offers a stunning 360 degree view of the Appalachians.  


Then we headed northbound, passing through the town of Hot Springs early yesterday and grabbing some deliciously greasy grub before heading back to our trail mix in the woods.  And yes, the pup got some too.


I'm currently lounging in a hammock on top of Rich Mountain as I write this.  Kind of the life isn't it?  (I'll pretend I'm not stopped because I needed time to hang all my gear in the sun to dry out because I've already been rained on several times). The pup is sacked out for his midday nap (now that's really the life) and so far things have gone pretty well.  A bit of rain and a few grueling uphills, but that's backpacking.   

Not much else to report except for the impressive number of spider webs I've already walked through.  I've used my hiking stick more as a sword than any form of walking aid so far.  I think I'm still winning the battle but if I don't update this blog in a week or so send Samwise or someone to come release me from my cocoon.