Epilogue for the AT

After several months off the trail I finally got around to sorting through all of my photos and compiling my GPS data and notes from the trip.  Below is a gallery of my favorite images, a record of my campsites, my gear lists, and a tally sheet of various events.  Thanks for following along!


The Final Tallies:

Days: 52  

AT Miles Covered: 412

Total Miles Covered, Including All Non-AT Side Trails: ~450

Miles Hobbes (My Dog) Covered With Me: 93 

Times I Lost the Trail and Had to Backtrack: 2

Times I Lost the Trail and Reconnected in a Totally Different Spot: 1 

Times a Map Saved My Ass: 2 

Bears Seen: 4

People Mistaken for Bears: a few

Razors Those People are Going to Need to Tame Those Ferocious Beards Upon Returning to Civilization: more than a few

Snakes Seen: 8

Ponies Seen: >20

Spiders I Wish I Hadn't Seen: >2000

Repairs Made with Duct Tape: 2

Repairs Made with Fabric Tape: 2

Repairs Made with a Sewing Kit: 4

Repairs Made with a Rock: 1

Total Items of Gear Damaged Beyond Repair: 3

Items of Gear Damaged Beyond Repair by a Rock: 1

Times my Dog Farted and Scared Himself: 2

Times my Dog Farted and Scared Me: 1

Times I Farted and Scared my Dog: only the trees know 

M&Ms Consumed: 2.8 lbs (actual amount, I don't kid around with my m&ms)

Wine Consumed : 6.5 liters  

Pizzas Consumed on the Trail: 5 (You thought that number would be higher, didn't you?  I have self control, okay?) 

Pizzas Consumed Since Leaving the Trail: >20 (alright I'm working on the self control) 

Burgers Consumed on the Trail: 4

BBQ Stops on the Trail: 6

Weight Lost Despite Frequent Pizzas, Burgers, BBQ, and 2.8 lbs of M&Ms: ~12 lbs (If I can be serious for a moment, weight loss on the trail is pretty extreme and can be unhealthy.  If anyone is considering long distance hiking make sure to plan your food properly.)

A Google Maps record of all of my campsites:

I took hundreds of photos on the trail, but I've never claimed to be a great photographer and most were pretty unremarkable.  Here's a gallery of the ones I thought came out pretty decent.

And for the gear obsessed here is a full breakdown of the two primary gear sets I carried (click to enlarge).  The first accommodated the pup and my writing habit, the second was a much lighter set I switched into after he stopped hiking with me.  I've broken both of them down in the image below but if you want an even more detailed breakdown I have the full lists with weights for the dog set here and the lighter set here.

Thanks again everyone! Until the next adventure, happy trails!